Verint Cyber Security was established to help organizations transform the way they defend against advanced cyber threats.

For over two decades, Verint has been a market leader in building Actionable Intelligence solutions that extract insights from big data. We have taken this knowledge, together with our experience in protecting some of the world’s most targeted networks, and applied it to the cyber domain.

The result is a game-changing cyber intelligence platform that offers a completely new perspective on cyber defense.

Turning the Tables on Cyber Attackers

Today’s Security Operations Center (SOC) teams are plagued by a lack of shared intelligence among disconnected security tools, excessive alerts, and a shortage of skilled cyber analysts. The result is an ever-widening gap between the way attackers are attacking and the way organizations are defending.

Organizations cannot continue doing the same thing and expect a different result. What’s needed is a completely new perspective on addressing these challenges. An intelligence-driven approach that eliminates guesswork by letting analysts dive deeper, gather accurate information and gain a complete understanding of what’s going on across the network.

Verint® Threat Protection System™ (TPS) revolutionizes the way organizations defend themselves against cyber threats.  Rather than responding to the last attack, TPS continuously gathers leads and evidence to build the attack story – automating what hurts the most – the investigation process. This way SOC teams can focus on a prioritized list of incidents and close the door on the attacker quicker.  

Bringing a New Perspective to Cyber Defense

TPS brings together the key domains for effective cyber defense – intelligent multi-vector attack detection, automated investigation, deep forensics and actionable response – in one pre-integrated platform.

Unlike other solutions, TPS was built from the ground up as an integrated and automated platform, employing multiple sensors that orchestrate intelligence to reveal cyber threats across the kill chain. Automated investigation continuously gathers evidence and intelligence, gleaning insights on-the-fly to confirm or refute an attack and presenting the full storyline to analysts in a unified workspace. This saves analysts time, enables better decisions and accelerates time-to-remediation. A strategic intelligence-driven approach provides analysts with the accurate, localized threat intelligence they need to hone in on attacks and stop them in their path.

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