The traditional, signature-based security solutions being used by most mid-size organizations are easily bypassed by advanced cyber threats. Moreover, these organizations lack the resources and skills needed to manage complex solutions, monitor alerts, and distinguish false positives from actual security incidents.

In its March 2016 report titled “Effective Tactics to Protect Midmarket Enterprises from Advanced Threats,” Gartner offers strategy and tactics for advanced threat protection that can help address these challenges. Verint is cited an example of a vendor that offers advanced threat detection (ATD) as a service solutions. One such partnership is with Scitum, a Telmex affiliate in Mexico.  The strategic partnership merges Verint’s market-leading cyber intelligence capabilities with Scitum’s best-of-breed managed services expertise. The solution provides organizations with comprehensive detection, prioritization, investigation and protection from advanced cyber-attacks. As a pre-integrated intelligence platform, the Verint solution helps Security Operational Center (SOC) analysts pinpoint, analyze and neutralize threats more rapidly. This type of managed service allows mid-size organizations to reduce detection times and accelerate response without adding resources or expertise. Read more about this strategic partnership here.

Many leading MSSPs worldwide partner with Verint to deliver premium cyber security-as-a-service to their customers, maximize threat visibility, improve their own operational efficiency and generate new revenues. Using an intelligence-driven, automated approach, Verint’s MSSP solution enables faster threat detection and response, simplifies investigations and boosts analyst productivity.