Verint is at the forefront of the evolution from an alert-driven approach to an intelligence-driven approach to cyber security

Working alone, conventional tools see only a small piece of the security landscape. They generate endless alerts that must be investigated by a human analyst in order to distinguish breaches from false positives. Verint Threat Protection System leverages a set of integrated detection and forensics sensors to get a complete picture of what is going on. Like a team of human analysts, Verint Threat Protection System works around the clock to automatically investigate every lead. And at the end of the automated investigation, presents cyber analysts with visual, fully-documented incidents rather than long lists of alerts.

Multi-dimensional Threat Detection

To detect complex attacks you must cover all of their dimensions – the attack vectors, the infrastructure layers, and the key stages in the kill chain including command & control communication and lateral movement. Verint goes beyond the conventional wisdom of a multi-layered approach to an integrated, multi-dimensional approach that automatically and continuously merges leads and evidence from different sources to reveal attack storylines.

Automatic and Continuous Investigation

By replacing sequential, manual investigations with simultaneous, automatic investigation of hundreds of incidents, Verint Threat Protection System accelerates the path from detection to response. The platform continually processes thousands of pieces of information and turns it into a small number of prioritized incidents along with an intuitive presentation of all of the supporting evidence a human being needs.

Proactive, Iterative Forensics

A proactive approach to forensics eliminates the skills barrier and slashes investigation time.  Forensics is part of a continuous, ongoing process of lead verification. All forensic evidence is analyzed and presented as part of the visual storyline of the incident so that it’s easy to understand without being a forensics expert.

Orchestrated Response

Once an investigation is complete, you can manually or automatically launch a response based on a clearly documented, visual attack storyline.

One Holistic Platform

The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Verint Threat Protection System provides multi-dimensional detection, proactive forensics, automated investigation and orchestrated response in one, holistic platform.  In a climate where security teams lack resources, the integral approach to detection and automated investigation is essential for improving productivity, lowering the skills barrier, and ensuring that breaches aren’t missed.