The steep rise in the complexity and sophistication of cyber threats is both a challenge and an opportunity for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). As enterprises and organizations realize that they lack the tools, intelligence and skilled resources to sift through thousands of daily alerts, detect high-priority cyber attacks and remediate them in a timely manner, they are turning to managed security solutions.

MSSPs partner with Verint to deliver advanced cyber security-as-a-service to their customers. By offering the most comprehensive protection against sophisticated cyber threats, MSSPs can enhance the value they bring to customers and generate new revenues.

Read about Verint’s strategic partnership with Scitum, Mexico’s leading MSSP.

Managed Detection & Response with a Next-Generation SOC

Verint enables MSSPs to offer customers a next-generation, ROI-driven service that includes much more than commodity device management or monitoring. With an intelligence-driven SOC, the Verint Threat Protection System (TPS) helps MSSPs boost security KPIs and provide the level of threat detection, management and response that their customers need.

Verint Threat Protection System provides integrated network, endpoint and payload sensors that work together integrally to detect leads, collect forensic evidence, and generate Actionable Intelligence. Verint Threat Protection System transforms thousands of data points into a handful of prioritized incidents that reveal the entire attack story and enable security analysts to quickly triage and respond.

Verint Threat Protection System supports a variety of deployment options to suit both the MSSP model and customer preference for on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

As a multi-tenant platform, Verint Threat Protection System enables MSSPs to monitor multiple customer organizations from one central location (SOC), while segregating data between customers to ensure absolute confidentiality.

Why MSSPs Partner with Verint

  • Level of cyber threat defense previously available only to top government and intelligence agencies.
  • Intelligence-driven SOC approach based on network, payload and endpoint analytics.
  • Automation and actionable intelligence optimize operational efficiencies
  • Adaptive and open architecture enables solution to evolve with changing threat landscape.
  • Flexible deployment scenarios to meet customer requirements based on secure, multi-tenant platform.
  • Experience-driven technical and commercial  support from Verint on how to market, position and sell the solutions to  MSSP customers.

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