Cyber attacks against industrial networks and utilities – electricity, oil, gas, water and transportation – disrupt vital services and potentially jeopardize human lives. Advanced cyber security solutions are needed in manufacturing and utility environments to ensure business continuity, as well as compliance with critical infrastructure protection standards.

Over time, industrial networks have become interconnected with IT networks, increasing their exposure to cyber threats. In fact, 99% of cyber attacks on industrial networks actually come through the IT network.

Verint Brings You a New Perspective for Securing Industrial Networks

Built to address the challenges posed by advanced cyber threats, Verint Threat Protection System™ offers critical utilities a government-grade cyber security solution for defending both IT and OT networks. Harnessing 20 years of data intelligence experience, Verint provides comprehensive risk analysis, detection, investigation, and response capabilities in one pre-integrated platform with a single prime vendor.

Moreover, Verint’s cyber security solution for industrial networks leverages our partnership with the Israel Electric Company (IEC), one of the world’s most cyber-targeted power companies. Combining Verint’s advanced cyber security technologies with IEC’s field-proven SCADA defense methodologies and services, Verint offers best-in-class cyber defense against advanced threat actors.

Optional security services provided by IEC, together with Verint Threat Protection System, include:

  • Review of the operational model
  • Risk assessment and gap analysis
  • Consultancy services and specialized incident response

Why Critical Utilities Choose Verint

  • One pre-integrated, SOC hosted, intelligence-driven security solution across IT and OT networks
  • Shorter time to detection and response with automated investigation
  • Early detection of complex threats by deploying integrated sensors across the attack chain
  • Passive OT network monitoring and anomaly detection without disrupting service
  • Joint offering including technology, methodology and consulting with Verint acting as a single prime vendor