Government organizations are a prime target for cyber attacks, many of which are state-sponsored. Cyber attacks can be used by adversaries to bring down government services and IT systems, steal classified government information, or hijack the credentials of classified government personnel for purposes of espionage or blackmail.

Given the increasing sophistication of advanced cyber threats and the need to secure mission-critical networks and systems, government organizations are reassessing the efficacy of their existing security solutions. Ideal for government agencies, ministries, Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and e-government operations, Verint Threat Protection System helps SOC teams maximize threat visibility and streamline threat management with wide and deep coverage, without adding resources or expertise.

Advanced Threats Require a New Defense Perspective

Despite the growing risk, most government SOCs still rely on outdated detection and event management technologies that are ill-equipped to combat today’s sophisticated threats. To detect signs of compromise early, investigate rapidly, and contain attackers before they can steal data, government SOCs need an intelligence-driven approach to cyber defense.

Verint’s Advanced Attack Detection for Government Organizations

Leveraging over 20 years of market-leading data intelligence and experience protecting the most targeted networks in the world, Verint Threat Protection System improves the efficacy and productivity of government SOCs in countering advanced threats. Verint Threat Protection System, provides unified detection, investigation and forensics as well as deep visibility into the most complex threats.

Seamlessly enhancing existing security infrastructure, Verint Threat Protection System monitors the network, endpoints and payloads, collecting thousands of leads and evidence and transforming them into prioritized incidents. Specialized detectors include Lateral Movement and Command and Control, optimized for government networks. Automated investigation tools visualize the full attack story to power rapid and accurate response.

In addition, CERTs can use Verint Threat Protection System to monitor network activity of multiple organizations for scenarios where information assets are maintained across agencies and ministries. In such a scenario, Verint Threat Protection System is deployed in a distributed manner, with a front end collection component deployed locally and the central intelligence processing component at the CERT’s main site.

Why Government Organizations Choose Verint

  • Over 20 years’ domain expertise in building and deploying Actionable Intelligence solutions that meet the requirements of government organizations worldwide.
  • Continuous monitoring and forensic analysis of the attack surface including network, payload and endpoint.
  • Optimizes automated and human investigation and forensics to enable skilled experts to focus on the most complex tasks.
  • Automated investigations free highly skilled analysts to focus on the more complex investigations, while Verint Threat Protection System provides manual forensics tools to further the investigation once automation is exhausted.
  • Multi-tenant architecture with strict data access controls helps protect multiple organizations.
  • Open architecture for integration with existing security investments.