The frequency of major data breaches at leading commercial enterprises attests to the flaws in traditional security approaches when it comes to fighting advanced cyber threats. Plagued by excessive alerts, lack of integration among point tools and not enough cyber analysts, enterprises have an urgent need for automated, intelligence-based tools that can cut through the noise and allow analysts to focus their efforts on the attacks that matter. Whatever business you’re in (retail, finance, healthcare, hi-tech, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or critical infrastructure), Verint Threat Protection System helps you secure your most important business assets from advanced cyber attacks. Verint Threat Protection System continuously collects and analyzes indicators of compromise, automating and orchestrating cyber intelligence across the kill chain so your SOC team always stays a step ahead of attackers.

Stop Guessing, Start Defending

The detection tools and SIEM solutions relied on by SOCs today were not built to handle today’s multi-vector cyber attacks. As a result, teams are overwhelmed by alerts and the average enterprise wastes $1.3M per year on false positives (Poneman 2015). No less important – real threats hide under the radar and are not detected until damage is done.

Strategic Cyber Security for Today’s Enterprise

From the company that invented Actionable Intelligence ®, Verint Threat Protection System  embodies a strategic approach to cyber defense based on multiple sensors and an integrated view across the entire attack cycle. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive adaptive security solution, bringing together intelligence-driven detection, investigation, forensics and remediation. Verint Threat Protection System helps SOC teams maximize threat visibility while enhancing productivity.

Why Enterprises Choose Verint

  • One pre-integrated platform for detection, investigation, forensics and response across the business ecosystem.
  • Dramatically improves SOC efficiency through automated investigation that provides the complete attack story.
  • Adaptive and open architecture for integration with existing security infrastructure and evolution with the dynamic threat landscape.
  • Central deployment protects remote sites, affiliates and distributed applications.

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