Post Breach Analysis Takes Too Long

The likelihood that your organization is going to be breached continues to increase as threats become more sophisticated. These stealthy and persistent attacks often hide and move laterally within your network towards their ultimate target. Ponemon Research reports that the mean time to identify an attack is 256 days. This means that you may discover that your network has been compromised while the attack is still underway. With the right post-breach analysis and forensics tools, incident response teams can determine root cause and contain attacks before data is exfiltrated.

Accelerate and Simplify Post Breach Analysis and Forensics

Using Verint Threat Protection System’s specialized detection engines, powerful automated investigation capabilities and full set of network and endpoint forensics tools, incident response teams can quickly build and trace the attack storyline to stop attacks in their path. Verint Threat Protection System automates forensic analysis to identify attacker footprints on endpoints and the network. Combining this evidence with intelligence gleaned from other sources, it connects the dots among seemingly unrelated events. This allows teams to see beyond individual alerts and logs in order to understand how the attackers entered, what systems are compromised and what and how to contain, remediate, and prevent future incidents.


Key Benefits:

  • Provides fast and accurate insight into the attack context and sequence for effective incident response.
  • Displays a broad and deep picture of the attack through comprehensive investigation and forensics.
  • Lets you investigate breaches regardless of whether security or logging tools are in place.
  • Provides all the needed tools to understand and remediate advanced threats in one easy-to-use, integrated solution.

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