Network Security Audits Should Not Wait

Network audits are essential for evaluating an organization’s security posture and ensuring that security systems are configured to protect data, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance with standards such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS. When breaches occur, network audits provide the evidence required to understand the scope, remediate fully, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Simplify Network Security Audits With Verint

Verint Threat Protection System is a powerful solution for network audits that provides deep insight into system and user activity. Verint Threat Protection System is portable and can be quickly connected to isolated networks that require ad hoc threat scanning. Part of a comprehensive platform for mitigating advanced threats, Verint Threat Protection System uses specialized engines to detect malware, C&C communications, lateral movements, and other suspicious activity. In addition to detailed reports of its findings, Verint Threat Protection System also creates Actionable Intelligence that can be used to cleanse infected endpoints and networks from detected malware, and updates perimeter security tools to prevent recurring attacks.


Key Benefits:

  • Saves weeks of manual audit preparation with automated network forensics.
  • Accelerates breach remediation with accurate, actionable recommendations.
  • Provides documented evidence needed for audits including detailed incident reports that show the full chronology of events.

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