Leveraging Cyber Threat Intelligence

Today’s Security Operations Centers rely on a variety of point solutions to reveal advanced threats. They generate thousands of alerts – most of which are never investigated. At best, alerts are correlated by a SIEM. But even then, each security product operates as a silo. It takes a highly skilled expert to find the connections among the thousands of disconnected pieces of data in order to piece together the storyline of an unfolding attack. And those experts are in short supply.

Actionable Intelligence – the Key to a Next Generation SOC

To combat advanced, multi-stage threats, SOC solutions must move beyond alerts to provide Actionable Intelligence. Verint Threat Protection System is specifically designed to help organizations transform their SOC with a pre-integrated platform for detection, investigation, forensics and response. Verint Threat Protection System is fully aligned with Gartner’s intelligence-driven SOC approach, providing an integrated, automated and adaptive architecture to efficiently mitigate advanced cyber threats. Constant real-time monitoring and analysis of payloads, network traffic and endpoints provide complete threat visibility and improved threat management across the operation. By fully automating the investigation process, Verint Threat Protection System lets your analysts focus on analysis, rather than manually sifting through alerts and collecting data.

Building-An-Intelligence-Driven-SOCKey Benefits:

  • Leverages a fully-integrated group of sensors deployed across the kill chain to generate actionable intelligence about attacks as they unfold.
  • Improves threat visibility with a complete storyline for every incident supported by detailed forensic evidence.
  • Reduces the dwell time of breaches with earlier threat detection and accurate analysis of the kill chain.
  • Increases efficiency with automated investigation and analysis that enables tier 1 analysts to handle more incidents independently.
  • Enhances ROI with comprehensive detection, investigation and forensics in one pre-integrated platform.

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