Incident Investigation is a Bottleneck

Tactical incident detection and response – based on analyzing alerts, identifying threats and remediating breaches – is not effective against advanced cyber threats. To adapt cyber defense to the current threat landscape, SOC teams need to shift to a proactive security approach. Rather than reacting to the last attack, organizations need to continuously monitor their networks, hunt attackers and create strategic intelligence in order to anticipate new threats and prepare the appropriate defenses.

Automated Incident Detection with Verint

Verint Threat Protection System is a pre-integrated platform that provides SOC teams with the Actionable Intelligence needed to quickly adapt and respond to evolving cyber threats. Constant real-time monitoring and analysis of payloads, network traffic and endpoints, together with automated investigations and forensics, are transforming the way SOC teams work. Verint Threat Protection System enables proactive hunting with a visualized, unified and information-rich investigation environment, providing security analysts with the leads and evidence needed to unearth hidden attacks. Automated investigations can be handed off for further forensic analysis to gain additional insights into the attack source and methods, while all findings are documented chronologically for easy shift handover and concise managerial reports.


Key Benefits:

  • Enhances protection against advanced cyber attacks through proactive, intelligence-driven investigation.
  • Revolutionizes the way security operations teams work with a single interface for unified investigation workflows, backed by detailed evidence and forensics.
  • Continuous monitoring and analytics of network and endpoints detects indicators of compromise and provides pinpoint intelligence for hunting the attackers lurking in your network.
  • Boosts analyst skills and productivity with an optimized balance between human and machine-based analysis.

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